1. The engagement of a candidate put forward to you by us, will be deemed to be an acceptance of our terms and conditions of business. No variance to our fee structure or guarantee will be entertained unless reduced to writing to the Management of ALL STAR Placements.

2. The responsibility for final selection for a prospective employee put forward by us rests with you, and we do not accept any responsibility of any nature whatsoever no matter how it may arise for the fidelity of the employees introduced by us, or for any damages howsoever arising out of any action of our candidates.

3. Should the employee leave your employ at any time during the guarantee period for any reason other than retrenchment, disablement, unfair dismissal or death, our guarantee will immediately come into force and effect.

4. Every care is taken to ensure that the capabilities and competence of candidates put forward by us meets your requirements, but no warrant in this regard is given.

5. Should you introduce a candidate submitted to you by us to any other company and should that company engage that candidate within 12 months of our introduction of the candidate to you, then you will be liable for the full fee as if you had engaged the candidate yourself.

6. Should you offer our temporary staff a permanent position, then the full fee becomes payable immediately.

7. Any document prepared by ALL STAR Placements remains the property of ALL STAR Placements. Confidential information of our applicants may not be passed on to a third party, except with written approval by ALL STAR Placements.