Guarantee Benefits

1. ALL STAR Placements will invoice you for the placement fee, which becomes due and payable on the day that the successful applicant commences employment with your company – and not before that date.

2. In order to enjoy the benefits of our guarantee, all that is required by you is payment within two weeks of invoice. A further budget saving of 2.5% discount is on offer, should the invoice be settled within 7 days from date thereof.

3. Provided payment is received by us in full within 14 days of our candidate commencing employment with you, you will automatically enjoy the benefits of our guarantee which are:

3.1 In the event of the employee, engaged by you through us, leaving your employ for any reason other than retrenchment, disablement, unfair dismissal or death during the three month guarantee period, we undertake to submit to you further candidates for your consideration as replacements.
3.2 Should the client endeavor to forfeit a replacement as set out above; payment of services rendered will not be refunded.
3.3 Provided the vacancy is for the same position, no further charge will be levied.

Due to the diversity of the above-mentioned services, a written quotation follows a detailed discussion with the prospective client on the subject. ALL STAR Placements shall ensure that a qualified consultant is assigned for the assignment and recommendations drafted by the consultant are presented to the client as a written report.

4. Failure on your part to ensure that the payment reaches us as detailed in 2 & 3 above, will automatically invalidate our guarantee. ALL STAR Placements may refuse or defer the granting of further services until payment is made, alternatively the contract may be cancelled. Outstanding monies then owing and amounts due in respect of damages that ALL STAR Placements may have accorded will remain payable in full.

5. Should you for any reason decide to defer or suspend your recruiting decision, then the employment by you of any candidates introduced to you by us, for any position within your organization or associated to your organization, within a period of 12 months will be taken to signify acceptance of these terms and ALL STAR Placements will be entitled to the full fee which, if paid in terms of these conditions, will carry our full guarantee.

6. It is a condition of our guarantee that we be notified immediately in writing should an applicant introduced by us leave your employ during the guarantee period.

7. Guarantees, where applicable, are valid for one free placement only.